Chausseé de Louvain 467
1030 Bruxelles
BELGIUM (administration)

phone: +32 288 079 52
fax: +32 251 122 42
website: www.lexial.eu

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 Dear Mr Ruchat, Lexial is represented with offices located in Belgium, France and Switzerland. What makes these countries interesting for Lexial in consideration of the Law firm's legal service solutions?

My personal history and background led me to make these choices. I was born in Switzerland, I grew up and studied in France and I started my career in Belgium. As a result, I am admitted in these countries, which is critical: immigration law should be practiced only by attorneys in order to maintain serious, temperance, ethics, rigor and quality work. Beyond this subjective reasons, it is important in our field to know well how they work, on administrative and political levels, in order to maintain the highest possible strategic attitude and good relations with authorities, and only native French-speakers can fulfill this condition to my mind (at least in the cities where we are). This being said, these countries have their specific advantages; to make it short, I would say that France remains one of the most powerful countries in EU with an important market, a strategic place and still an important political influence, and the coming « talent passport » should be attractive to foreign investors; Belgium is centrally located, houses EU Commission and NATO, is business friendly and attractive to rich people for tax reasons; Switzerland is also a great shelter, but only for very rich people.

You have an excellent reputation especially in the fields of Belgian, Swiss and French business immigration law, as wel as in criminal and political law. What are the most common legal questions you are dealing with?

In business immigration law, we assist non-EU citizens to set up a company in one of the 3 countries, to obtain a « commerce visa » and residency on this basis. Some of them stay enough to claim citizenship. As to criminal and political law, I assist people mainly with extradition frameworks or before ECHR, and others sanctioned by EU to appeal before CJEU.

In your opinion, what makes a law firm successful today?

I really think that we are creative, this is the master word.

What do you think how will the future development of Lexial look like?

In fact I am not sure I’d like Lexial to change… But we are developing relationships with companies and colleagues in Quebec, insofar as we receive more and more requests for Canada. For me it would be a question of logic, another important French-speaking place. It is probably a next step.

What in your view is your greatest accomplishment in your career so far?

To have started my own law firm is the best thing I have ever done.

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